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“Besides the obvious scariness of being in a confined space with church people, the whole thing seemed like a blind date that everyone expected to be a marriage.”

“The man saved the NBA, and there’s a good chance you didn’t even know who he was.”

“Obedience separates those who build from those who splat.”

“She hopes one day to become a neurosurgeon but said that nothing would ever replace spelling.”

“This grumpy old man is sticking with face time!”


1. Bill Search in his book Simple Small Groups, describing how ridiculous the concept of church small groups seemed to him at first. Good stuff.

2. “The Sports Guy” Bill Simmons writing about Danny Biasone, the man who invented the 24-second shot clock and so saved NBA basketball. A close second: “That’s basketball. It’s like chess crossed with ballet.”

3. Amy Storms blogging about Matthew 7.24-27. If you haven’t read Amy’s blog (or her husband Andy’s), you’re missing out. Here she’s pointing out that “building your house on the rock” means actually doing what Jesus said.

4. Kavya Shavyshankar, 13-year old winner of the 2009 Scripps Spelling Bee (who won on the word “Laodicean” no less). A close second came from the runner up who misspelled “maecenas”: “I’ll probably be spelling it in my sleep tonight.”

5. A friend of mine (who is probably 25) in an email conversation about the goods and bads of online relationships. It followed this beauty of a paragraph: “I have actually observed people using real-life to further their “online self.” Example: I go bowling and while I’m bowling I’m not totally emotionlly/mentally present in the situation. I’m only bowling to be able to Twitter, “Bowling at the Arrowhead Lanes… TURKEY!” I then take a picture and post it on facebook. My real life is subservient to my online life. It makes sense. I have a larger audience online. When I went bowling I was with 5 people. My online community is made up of 700 people. However, the online audience didn’t see when I cussed after a gutter ball. They only saw the picture. Also there may have been five people I failed to genuinely connect with because they were just a means to furthering my online image.” That’s special.