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Here’s the question – What really (I mean really) makes you angry? Like not just a little angry. (Let’s leave out people who commit violent crimes, especially against children, off our list. They’re too easy.) I’ll throw out three.

1. Fathers who do not show love and affection to their daughters (or cherish their sons too, but especially the daughter one).

2. People who assume I am incompetent at something. (I’ll admit it, I have some dad issues of my own 🙂 ).

3. People who try to keep others from reading or listening to people who have made a huge positive impact in my life (like N. T. Wright), especially when they don’t really understand them.

I’m sure if people disrespected or hurt my wife I’d be incensed, but I’ve not really been in a position like that to any serious degree. For me the first far outweighs all the rest.