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quotes1I haven’t been reading as many online articles lately so it’s been a while since the last one-liners. I hope these don’t disappoint! Some are meaningful, some are funny, some are . . . well, interesting.

“You can’t sleep comfortably if someone you know is sleeping outside.” Jenna Russell on book clubs and friendships with the homeless

“I feel like he was not treated fairly. I hope history will be more kind to him than some of the contemporary media.”Al Sharpton on Michael Jackson. Really, Al?

“The couple of times I saw Michael Jackson I could not surpass his genuineness and remember always feeling bad because of all the people who ridiculed him,” says one commenter, noting, “if we deeply think about it, this is exactly what people did to Jesus and Jesus helped people just as Michael did by giving to over 30 charities.” – Someone interviewed for this piece on whether MJ is in heaven. Think deeply now.

“When people have been kissing your crown for that long, it’s only a matter of time before you become drunk on your own hype.”Jemele Hill on Lebron James confiscating the tape that recorded him getting dunked on.

“That’s a lot of vegetables.” – Beth when I told her this guy is a vegetarian.