booksI’m thinking about posting monthly book summaries for a while so I thought I’d kick things off by posting my favorite books from 2008 (in the order I read them). I don’t presume that many of you care, but I love to hear what other people love to read so I’m going for it. 🙂

  1. Prophetic Imagination – Walter Brueggemann
  2. 1984 – George Orwell
  3. The Social Construction of Reality – Berger & Luckmann
  4. Beyond Foundationalism – Stanley Grenz & John Franke
  5. Myths America Lives By – Richard Hughes
  6. Christ and Violence – Ron Sider
  7. A Tale of Three Kings – Gene Edwards
  8. Resurrection and the Son of God – N. T. Wright
  9. Theopolitical Imagination – William Cavanaugh
  10. Jesus and Community – Gerhard Lohfink