The other day Beth texted me the following: “FYI my phone is going to die any minute.” But when I first read it, instead of “phone” I saw the word “mom.” I panicked, but only briefly, because I did what anyone would’ve done: I looked again. When we see something we’re not expecting, we look again. Sometimes the second look confirms our surprise, and sometimes it reveals our initial misperception. But the point is that we look again.

But what if we don’t “look again” often enough? What if we put too much faith in our first glance, and thereby see something other than reality? If we only see what we’ve always seen, we’ll only be who we’ve always been.

What if we could find a way to see with new eyes? People often describe conversion as feeling like your eyes have literally been opened wider. Isn’t continual conversion what we need? Don’t we need the Spirit to re-open our eyes – and thus redefine our possibilities – again and again?

Awake. Look again even when you don’t notice anything strange. Notice what you don’t normally see. Ready yourself for surprises. Don’t assume you’ve got things figured out – even little things like grocery shopping or responding to an email. You might not be seeing what you’re looking at, and you can never live beyond your vision. What you can’t see limits what you can think and do.

In other words, to a worm in horse radish the world is horse radish.

. . .

NOTE: In light of my 30th birthday and in honor of the guys who have all the fun, I’ll be offering thirty reflections in thirty days starting December 19th. Today’s post is #5 (see the so-far list here). The only rule is that I have 250 words to make my point. After that just stop reading. Thanks for making my blog part of your internet experience.