Now that we are all weird, Christians can embrace the fact that we’ve been called to a certain kind of differentness from those who don’t share our faith. We are called not to do many things the rest of the world considers normal, and we are called to do many things the world considers insane or even immoral. So we should not be surprised when we feel weird.

Maybe “weird” is just a less reverent way of saying “holy.” Both essentially mean “different.” To put it differently, we are an alternative or even contrast community. These words remind us that the world always offers ways of life that can’t just be woven together with the way of Jesus. Worldly ways must be rejected insofar as they fail to line up with him. We live in contrast to these ways and so offer folks in the world an alternative path.

Growing up I remember being taught that though we are in the world we are not to be of it, i.e. not characterized by its values or habits. These prepositions are helpful, as are others such as for and against. We are for the world, but our for-ness sometimes takes the shape of against-ness, for instance when exposing evils like sexual immorality, substance addiction, and national idolatry.

So we are for this world we are in by not being of it and at times coming against it. Which means following Jesus may make you feel alone, misunderstood, or weird.