In order for yesterday’s post to be taken seriously, we absolutely must learn and remember a few basic biblical truths:

God’s rule does not depend on political stability. We often think that unless nation X is mortally wounded or leader Y is removed from power, things will go from bad to unfixable. God is not so shortsighted or scared. It’s not good when dictators win or democracy loses, but good guys winning is not a prerequisite for God’s mission being accomplished.

God’s mission is not stalled by death. God’s big picture plan moves forward in spite of (or at times through) our deaths, and his plan for our individual lives remains secure as well. Death is not our friend, but neither is it powerful enough to avoid at all costs.

God’s ways are not our ways. What we would do in any given situation likely differs from what God would do, so much so that his ways often don’t even make sense to us. But nonetheless, God’s ways mark out the path to life, whereas what appears right to us often leads to death (Proverbs 14.12).

And perhaps most fundamentally, Jesus wants to kill you. The old you, that is, so he can rebuild the new you: the you that trusts God to run the world and fears nothing but disobedience. The you that no longer lives from the same motivations and by the same measures as before. The you that doesn’t expect God to make sense but obeys anyway.

. . .

NOTE: In light of my 30th birthday and in honor of the guys who have all the fun, I’ll be offering thirty reflections in thirty days starting December 19th. Today’s post is #18 (see the so-far list here). The only rule is that I have 250 words to make my point. After that just stop reading. Thanks for making my blog part of your internet experience.