No doubt you are going to be disappointed with this post. I am too. Obviously today’s question can’t be satisfactorily answered in 250 words: If God is loving and strong, why do we live in a world where children starve to death and tornadoes destroy entire cities? More to the point, I’m not sure it can be satisfactorily answered at all.

The technical term “miscarriage” seems too sterile and nice to describe what it feels like to lose a child before he or she is even born. I have experienced this particular pain three times. It hurts. I’m sure many of you have experienced worse. Yet we believe that God is strong and we believe that God is loving. Nothing I can say can make “satisfactory” sense of this to us who’ve hurt. I would only ask us to remember three things.

Many “theologies” wrongly blame God entirely for our suffering. They may celebrate their “doctrines” and so would reject the word “blame,” but I say it intentionally. This theology is unhelpful and, more to the point, untrue.

Much pain and suffering is our fault. Children wouldn’t starve if the human family did a better job sharing the food and resources we’ve been given.

God is actively at work both minimizing and overcoming our pain. God works through the minds and hands of brilliant scientists and medics to heal hurting people. And God has acted to heal creation completely through Christ and the church. God’s answer to this problem is Jesus.

. . .

NOTE: In light of my 30th birthday and in honor of the guys who have all the fun, I’ll be offering thirty reflections in thirty days starting December 19th. Today’s post is #19 (see the so-far list here). The only rule is that I have 250 words to make my point. After that just stop reading. Thanks for making my blog part of your internet experience.